Word on the Street

16Here’s what people are saying:

• My family and I would like to thank you for your generosity. The photos came out beautiful and I will cherish them. – Sherita, mother

• Thank you for the wonderful pictures, I greatly appreciate it. – Saleena, mother

• As always your pictures are gorgeous. We are so lucky you found MCC and choose to volunteer with us. You are the best! – J. Borger, Maternity Care Coalition

• It was a blessing to receive your portraits for free. – Felismina, mother

• You have given our nurses and moms something to keep looking forward to. – J. Gribosh, Montgomery County Nurse Family Partnership

• We thank you bunches and bunches. – Dolores, mother

• You took really great shots of an adorable baby. Some of your shots made me laugh and some made me smile. – Anonymous

• My moms and I appreciate your talent and sharing of your talent. You have no idea how happy your pictures make our moms. – Marylou, Montgomery County Nurse Family Partnership