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Giving Smiles Photography is a Philadelphia-based photographic portrait service with a cause. Giving Smiles wants to provide the opportunity for parents of all demographic backgrounds to have special keepsake portraits that capture the unique magic of their family. For every Giving Smiles photo package that is purchased, one or more will be donated to a low-income family in the local community. The purpose of Giving Smiles is not to make a profit … all sales go towards providing complimentary portraits for those who cannot afford them.

My supporters care about their family’s portraits – and they care about other families, too. Philanthropic people with an interest in giving back to the community. They appreciate the fact that when they buy a Giving Smiles photo package, area families that are unable to afford professional photography receive packages as well. Giving Smiles feels good to everyone.

Take a peek at some of the photos. Would you like to receive – and give – smiles of your own? I hope to work with you very soon…